As owner and head stringer of Racquet Medic, Bryan has been coaching tennis since 2007 and has been stringing racquets and playing the game since 1996. Currently, Bryan strings on a Babolat Star 5 electric constant-pull machine. As part of the Wilson Tour String Team, Bryan strung for the pros at both the US Open in New York and the Sony Ericsson Open in Florida. Trained by some of the top stringers in the world, Bryan uses an around-the-world (ATW) string pattern. This technique ensures all racquets are strung as one-piece and top-down to achieve the most accurate and long-lasting tensions while relieving the frame of as much stress as possible.* In addition, Bryan holds the title for Wilson’s World Racquet Stringing Championship with a time of 8:46, watch the video below.

*All racquets are strung to player specifications. If no other specifications are provided, the ATW one-piece stringing is used. Hybrid’s are all strung as a two piece.*



Servicing the Bay Area and Penninsula, Racquet Medic’s office is located in Pescadero, CA. We offer pick-up and drop-off service for teams, clubs, pro-shops and individuals as well as on-site stringing for tournaments. Currently, stringing services are offered at the two locations listed below. For individual stringing, call 650.712.1202 or email us at To visit a location in your community, follow the links below for information and directions:


Owner/Head Stringer: Bryan Richter
Phone: 650.743.1202